God Swagg Apparel by Joe Melendrez is a cutting edge faith based clothing line inspired by Ephesians 6:10-18. Joe Melendrez’s vision was to create a clothing line that represents God in a very relevant and attractive way.  The slogan “Rep What You Believe” is a phrase that encourages all disciples to be proud to represent their faith, wear it every day, and truly let God be their fashion. As God Swagg Apparel continues to grow we pray in thanksgiving for all of our supporters and everyone who has made the choice to rep what you believe.



The JM logo represents Jesus on the cross and John, the beloved disciple, and Mary, the mother of God, at the foot of the cross. Both John and Mary represent loyalty, dedication, surrender to God’s holy will. The circle represents the completion of Christ’s mission the rising sun above the cross represents the “son” rising from the dead.